The Great Manager



The essentials of the Head, Heart, Hand and Voice are at the core of managing teams. Managers rarely realize the connect and hence have partially or disconnected team members. Once the right connect in this areas is unveiled, tapping into the synergies of the team is a natural outcome.

This one day experiential workshop is about helping delegates understand the tools for realizing the same and using them for peers and team members.


  1. Understand the 4 dimensions of leading (oneself and teams)
  2. Know the ‘motivators’ and their significance in achievement
  3. Understand the importance of an appreciative culture and ways to inculcate the same
  4. Relate to personal values and link them to organizational culture
  5. Enable the principles of positive psychology for team cohesion



  1. Essentials of the Head, Heart, Head and Voice Model
  2. Motivation: Intrinsic and Extrinsic and Flow
  3. Personal values and connecting to the organization
  4. Engaged Vs Disengaged Employees
  5. Positive 360 degree
  6. 4 Ds: Dream, Discover, Design and Destiny
  7. Appreciative Inquiry


At the end of the day, delegates will be able to:

  1. Understand the 4 buckets of professional world and their significance
  2. Relate to personal and peer motivators and their impact on engagement
  3. Become aware of their own values and view the organizational connect
  4. Find out ways of understanding values of people and realize ‘where they are coming from’
  5. Create a sense of appreciation and build a culture of positivity
  6. Create engaged conversations with peers and team members
  7. Sense the spillover in their personal lives as well and surge in their positive energy

Period: 1 day

Number of delegates: 15-20