Flourishing Life


“Why just survive, when you can flourish and thrive”

Flourishing Life’ Workshop is a 2-day workshop:

The Concept:

This 2-day workshop, conducted over a weekend, or weekdays of your choice, is designed to move you and your employees from a languishing or uninspiring life to one that is inspired, motivated, flourishing and happier. While most employees do not suffer from mental health issues, most of them are also not fully engaged and productive or utilizing their talents and strengths to the fullest. This workshop enables them to learn and practice the art of thriving.

 The Target Participants:

The workshop is suitable for Individual Contributors who can increase and take charge of their own flourishing, as well as for People Managers and Policy Makers who can create the right conditions for flourishing in the organization.

The Need:

Traditional thinking assumes that happiness follows once one achieves valued goals in life.  However, recent research in positive organizational scholarship, has found good evidence for the fact that happiness precedes success. A happy and engaged workforce makes for a more productive and successful workforce.

Even as this realization is dawning, surveys by Gallup as well as those sponsored by VIA are showing that employee engagement is at an all time low (only ~ 20 % of employees are fully engaged) and employee happiness and well being are spiraling down.

 Workshop outline:

As part of the workshop, you will

  1. Learn and practice the art and science of thriving in life, using applied positive psychology principles.
  2. Discover your signature strengths using VIA online assessment and learn how to leverage that for increased engagement and productivity in workplace as well as at home.
  3. Clarify your Values, Goals and Priorities and set yourself on a new path of self actualization by capitalizing on your strengths
  4. Become more confident and have a greater sense of self-efficacy
  5. Move from a job orientation towards a calling orientation towards work.
  6. Use Appreciative Inquiry to change the conversation you have in your organizations.
  7. Tips and strategies for increasing happiness in your life.

The sessions will be interactive and experiential in nature and will be filled with activities and fun games.

Expected benefits:

  • Increased happiness, well-being, optimism and resilience in life.
  • Lowered probability of employees suffering from burnout, depression, anxiety in the period following the workshop.
  • Increased self-efficacy or confidence in handing greater task responsibilities.

The mechanism:

Discovering your strengths is just one small step on the path to increased life satisfaction and subjective well-being. Martin Seligman (2002), the father of positive psychology movement, talks about deployment of strengths as an essential component to increasing positive emotion, engagement, and well-being. The more you use your strengths, the more positive experiences you will have. Seligman also talks about how using your strengths in the service of something larger than yourself (school, church, community) leads to an increased sense of meaning, purpose, engagement, and connection.

Discovering your strengths isn’t just a means for making you happier. Gallup has done some research on employee engagement in the workplace and found that people who report ‘‘having the opportunity to do what they do best every day’’ have a 44% higher probability of success on customer engagement and employee retention, and a 38% higher probability of success on productivity measures. These differences in probability of success can amount to millions of dollars to any large organization (Harter & Schmidt, 2002). In addition, studies show that a strengths-based development intervention increases self-confidence, direction, hope, and altruism (Hodges & Clifton, 2004).


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