Be Happy, Be Productive


Leverages positive psychology findings and activities / interventions to increase employee engagement by targeting how to increase in the workplace

  • Happiness
  • Productivity
  • Fulfillment
  • Integrity
1.      Make employees more fully engaged with their work.

2.      Empower employs to take charge of their happiness and thus increase their productivity.

3.      Enable employees to discover, use and develop their strengths for increased engagement and productivity.

4.      Create and sustain a culture of positivity in the organization using approaches like Appreciative Inquiry.

1.      Learn and practice the art and science of thriving in life, using applied positive psychology principles.

2.      Discover your signature strengths using VIA online assessment and learn how to leverage that for increased engagement and productivity in workplace as well as at home.

3.      Clarify your Values, Goals and Priorities and set yourself on a new path of self actualization by capitalizing on your strengths

4.      Become more confident and have a greater sense of self-efficacy

5.      Move from a job orientation towards a calling orientation towards work.

6.      Use Appreciative Inquiry to change the conversation you have in your organizations.

7.      Tips and strategies for increasing happiness in your life.

1.      Increased happiness, well-being, optimism and resilience in life.

2.      Lowered probability of employees suffering from burnout, depression, anxiety in the period following the workshop.

3.      Increased self-efficacy or confidence in handing greater task responsibilities.

duration: 2 days

max participants: 25