Strengths Based Living Pro

Who should avail?
• Want to be more productive, engaged and successful at work/ studies.
• Want to lead a happier and more satisfied life.
• Want to heal from trauma and use that as a springboard for growth.
• Want to overcome a developmental challenge successfully like a mid-life crises.


What I bring to the table:
• Positive psychology infused workplace insights based on more than 16 years of corporate experience.
• A humane and grounded in psychology approach to using your strengths and traumas as levers for growth and fulfillment.
• A commitment to helping my clients grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Details of the package:

Strengths based living Pro:
1. Three month duration.
2. One hour session per week for 12 weeks.
3. Sessions conducted telephonic/ on skype or in person at home in waked, pune.
4. Topics covered range from using strengths to building psychological capital to living a flourishing life. Deep dives conducted in all areas.
5. Includes Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment code for full 34 report. (89 $= ~ 6000 rs)
6. Free 1 hour ‘getting to know’ session to assess client needs and determine a fit.
7. Corporate sponsoring multiple clients get a bulk discount.
8. Money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Note:  Students/ homemakers get a 20 % discount on the cost of the packages.      Please drop a note to if interested.