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Happier @ Work

We spend a majority of our waking life (dis) engaged at work. Given the sheer amount of time we spend at work, its imperative that it provides us the fair returns on our most precious investment- our time. While for many of us the return is in monetary terms, ideally it should be in terms of the currency that matters most to us – our own happiness and happiness of those around us.

Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a majority of people work is drudgery – but it need not be so! ┬áIn this mini- course you will learn how you can become happier and more fulfilled at your work, and thereby becoming more productive and successful at the same time. You will learn the art of thriving at the workplace by making small changes to the way you think and act. Nothing grand, just small baby steps.

Its a 10 day mini-course, where each day I will be posting a tiny blog post of about 400-600 words in length and hopefully you would have learned something new. I had made this course for some online courses site, and hence had been restricted by that format. Hope you enjoy.

Collected below are links to all the ten mini-lessons as and when they were /will be published:

  1. Why Happiness (at Work)
  2. Helpful tips to be happier @ work
  3. Creating a positive, gratitude filled culture
  4. Finding meaning in work
  5. Orientation towards work and job crafting
  6. Remaining motivated at work
  7. Optimistic and Positive attitude
  8. Setting powerful goals
  9. Discovering and deploying strengths at work
  10. Leading positively


If you would like to learn more about increasing happiness at the workplace you can contact me for individual 1:1 coaching or for group corporate workshops.