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Blogging Daily vs Slogging Daily

3 days ago I was inspired by a blog on Medium to post more frequently (or rather daily) and after 2 consecutive posts only, I had a barren day when I couldn’t/ didn’t post. Of course I could have posted something random, just for the sake of it, but wiser judgement prevailed.

Now, I initially started blogging way back in 2006 with The Mouse Trap, my psychology and neurosciences blog, and by a stroke of luck it was very well received and within a few years went on to be listed among the top 100 science blogs by various aggregators and raters. I used to post relatively more frequently in those days on that site, than I do now.

Even at the hey days of The Mouse Trap, I could never ever even dream of posting daily….each article I wrote was thoroughly researched and reflected on (which took many hours of lonely slogging on the computer to go through various sources) and then only put to paper (or say screen in this case). Nowadays I blog once or twice in  six months, at the peak I might have blogged at the rate of once or twice a  week on The Mouse Trap.

The bottom line is I never blogged daily , though I don’t remember a day in those peak days of The Mouse Trap experience, when I didn’t slog daily.

Sometimes I think, if I was more extrinsically motivated or more interested in shares/ likes/ comments/ growing number of readers, I might have blogged more frequently; but to me more important was to be ‘true to myself’ and only give birth to a post when the idea had germinated and gestated enough.  I used to think in terms of nine months of labor before a baby can be born:-)) And I looked forward to each pregnancy or the final pushing of the baby! How one could conceive on a daily basis eluded me!  I have great respect for those who could accomplish that feat, but I thought that was not for me!

Slogging daily is perhaps, in my genes, but blogging daily is perhaps not:-)

But then I also believe in the power of will to triumph over one’s limitations, so I continue on my journey to blog more frequently…this time on Flourish Mentoring…of course I will never resolve to  blog daily for a year or more as I don’t want to add to my growing list of CV of Failures🙂  Such an endeavor is doomed from the start, but what I can promise, in real earnest, is that for you readers, I will slog daily to provide you quality blog posts that you can apply to work/ educational/ life settings, as well as a few posts that let you peak more closely at who I am and what  my own journey looks like!

Thanks for checking back….daily.