Helpful tips to be happier @ work

In the last lesson we realized the importance of being happy at the workplace; that realization itself – that happiness matters – is the first step towards attaining happiness. In this lesson we will look at some simple tips and techniques to become happier.

  1. Other people matter. The number one way to boost happiness is to have good relationships. What holds outside the office holds true in the office too! So if you really want to be happy, build good relationships with your colleagues. Help them when they need it. Be kind. Take them out to coffee. No, seriously. If I gave you 10 $ to spend, by the end of the day, either on yourself or on a colleague; spending it on a colleague will make you much more happier. Also, research by Gallup has shown that those employees who have a best friend at work are likely to remain more engaged and productive. So go ahead, make that best friend at work and spread happiness.
  2. Schedule healthy activities. If your job involves sedentary activities, move. Remember to stretch every two hours or so. Do a 2 minute meditation whenever stressed or on a regular basis; just breathe; and breathe deeply, go to a meeting room and do some quick yoga. Use the company gym to stay fit. Exercise. A combination of exercise, meditation and mindfulness makes you happy when you need it and where you need it most. Research by Pebble, has shown that afternoon (post lunch) is when our energy levels drop and are at the lowest and scheduling these activities around that time creates ripples of energy and happiness that can overturn that effect.
  3. Eat and sleep adequately. Take that eight hours of sleep (at home:-) ), and take that 15 minute afternoon power nap in the office. It will leave you happier, refreshed and more productive. Avoid too much caffeine and eat lunch with friends- possible refreshing your mind by talking about things other than work during the lunch time. Try not to skip healthy lunch/ breakfast to grab a quick bite of junk food – take your time to eat and be relaxed and focussed on food while eating- will make you much more happier (and productive) than multitasking while having a working lunch.
  4. Focus on the positives. Consciously try to notice at least three good things that happened to you at the workplace, each single day at work. Reflect at the end of the day by keeping a journal. Reflect also on how you felt when the good thing happened and why do you think those good things happened to you. Keeping track of three good things has been shown to boost happiness and even lift people from their clinical depressions.

In this lesson we have briefly touched upon some quick tips and techniques to become happier @ work, including focusing on the positive. In the next lesson, we will take a deep dive into creating a positive and gratitude filled culture.

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