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Announcing the first ever “Flourishing Life” workshop

We are pleased to announce the first ever “Flourishing Life” workshop in pune on 17th jan at season’s hotel, Aundh.

Flourishing Life’ Workshop

Conducted by:-

Sandeep Gautam,

Gallup certified strengths coach,
Certificate in Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania
B. Tech from IITD, EPLM from IIMC

Finally a workshop that is value for time! Yes you heard it right; more than money, your time is precious and we are respectful of that! This one-day workshop will be the best investment of time that you can make for your own development!!

This workshop, conducted over a weekend, is designed to move you from a languishing or uninspiring life to one that is inspired, motivated, flourishing and happier.

As part of the workshop, you will

  1. Learn and practice the art and science of thriving in life, using applied positive psychology principles.
  2. Discover your strengths using Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and learn how to leverage that for increased engagement and productivity in workplace as well as at home.
  3. Receive a complimentary StrengthsFinder 2.0 book.
  4. Clarify your Values, Goals and Priorities and set yourself on a new path of self actualization
  5. Become more confident and have a greater sense of self-efficacy
  6. Improve your relations with other people dramatically
  7. Heal others and get healed via the group dynamics

Timetable for ‘Flourishing Life’ workshop

9:00 am – 1:15 pm Morning Session starts with Breakfast
1:15 pm – 2.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm – 5.30 pm Afternoon Session with Coffee Break

Following time- table is a broad guideline.

We aim to keep it flexible to best suit your learning needs. The sessions will be interactive and experiential in nature and will be filled with activities and fun games.

Saturday 17/01/2015

Morning Session

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. The Power of Beliefs and the importance of having the right Mindset/ life story
  3. Evidence based tips, interventions and exercises to increase Happiness and Well Being and a road-map to a Flourishing Life

Coffee break

  • Understanding your Signature Strengths
  • Understanding the Top 5 strengths report and unique strengths combinations.
  • Leveraging Strengths for increased Productivity and Engagement in everyday life

Afternoon Session

  1. Clarifying your underlying Values and finding what really motivates you
  2. Setting Realizable Goals and Achieving Them
  3. GAPS analysis for discovering your development opportunities
  4. Personalized Development Plan

Coffee break

  1. Positive communications and the golden positivity ratio
  2. Cultivating Mindfulness and Relaxed States for increased energy
  3. Kindness, Forgiveness and Compassion as routes to happiness
  4. Discussion, feedback and closure


Breakfast, High Tea and  delicious veg. lunch for the day is included in the course fees and will be served at course venue.

Fees – Rs 5000/- for entire course. Includes course material and a skills test.


Season’s Hotel,128 / 2. Sanewadi, Aundh,
Pune, Maharastra.
Pin – 411007 India


Please feel free to call +91 9545745544 for more details.

Seats are limited and would require firm commitment and would be filled on a first come first serve basis.

For registrations please fill in the form at the bottom of this page:

Leadership Distilled

Leadership (Nigeria)

Leadership (Nigeria) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traditionally two main functions or orientations of leaders have been task-orientation and people-orientation and even different large scale neural networks in the brain have been hypothesized to underlie these different focuses.

However if one takes a more closer look at the roles and responsibilities of a leader, they tend to fall into four distinct buckets.

The first bucket is related to what Gallup calls as strengths and talents in the  Strategic Thinking domain.  An apt metaphor for the same, as per Barbara’s Change Intelligence (CQ) model is Head. These abilities are intellectual and startegic in nature, concerned with understanding and shaping  the future and with defining a  vision that can inspire self and others. In transformational leadership context this would be the ability to create and define a vision. This too is task like in nature but more involves complex systemic thinking too rather than immediate task focus.

The second bucket of abilities lies in what Gallup calls the Influencing themes or domain. An apt metaphor, that I have come up for the same is Voice/Mouth. These abilities are the ability to inspire and motivate people, to influence large groups even though one may not have a direct control over them.  In transformational leadership context this would be an ability to motivate and inspire people to achieve that vision. This is similar to being centered on people, but is a different flavor as the emphasis is on not just connecting with people one-on-one, but to move and influence people and large collectives.

The third bucket of abilities are what Gallup calls Executing themes and talents. An apt metaphor, derived from CQ framework is that of Hand. These abilities include the ability to roll up the sleeves and lead from the front. In transformational leadership context, this includes delivering on the vision and managing the myriad problems that may come en route. This is the traditional task or production focus.

The fourth bucket of abilities are what Gallup calls Relationship building themes. An apt metaphor, derived again from CQ model is that of Heart. These abilities enable deep connection and concern with the team members and peers. In transformational leadership context, this includes the ability to coach and build a team to achieve the compelling vision. These are indeed the typical people abilities.

Its important to find out what your signature strengths are and to leverage them fully to achieve in all four domains.  Its also important to remember that strengths in any one domain can be used to achieve outcomes in any other domain, if used properly and intentionally (and which is where caches come handy).

Also remember, that much of leadership is situational:  there is a time to tell (head/vision) , a time to sell (voice/inspire) , a time to participate (hand/ execute) , and a time to delegate (heart/ trusting the team). Know your strengths and also the assess the situational needs to tailor your responses accordingly.

Everyone has a Head, a Voice, a Hand and a Heart- some may be more driven by Heart than by Head but a good leader knows what his unique strengths are and leverages them for the benefit and optimal functioning of the group.