Why just survive, when you can flourish and thrive!

This is the philosophy that we at Flourish Mentoring believe in and practice in our daily lives.  This is also how we hope to transform the lives of children, parents, teachers and educators that we are fortunate enough to touch and influence.

Flourish Mentoring is a group of strengths and well-being coaches trained to assess and identify mental health issues as well as strengths and opportunities in school going children and college going adolescents.  We provide specific scientific interventions tailored according to each unique child, to bring about the best in each child and help them bloom to their full potential, while gently handholding and mentoring with care and nurturance as they encounter real-life issues and obstacles and develop resilience and strength to face any unforeseen trauma or hindrances later in life.

We offer a spectrum of interventions focused around life skills, leadership and creativity development, called Thrive @ School, which are designed to leverage the existing character strengths of students and foster resilience by building on them.

We “thrive” on creating customized interventions catering to all facets of school management and have a unique approach for creating solutions for schools in India.


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